Exuberant yet Sterling Treasures Jewellery holds an exceptional place in a woman’s life by adding a lure to their appearance and also creating a greater sense of style and elegance to their surreal aura.

You might be wondering if fashion jewellery can be worn on every occasion? Well, fashion Jewellery has received an unbelievable love and care of every Indian woman by its utmost magnificence and affordable prices since decades. The admiration for Imitation jewellery has increased immensely with the longing desire to adorn audacious, bold yet exquisite pieces of jewellery.

Along with the contemporary revolution and innovative technologies, the fashion designs have enhanced radically and the demand amplified hugely.

Presently, most of the artisans adding an appeal to the fine jewellery and giving it altogether a new grace. The jewel is crafted with Gold plating, rhodium plating and beads that eventually comes out as a fine piece of treasures.

A touchstone to your Dreams

Aren’t you able to pick a reliable brand to shop all your fashion products? Zurooh comes as a one stop solution, a leading online fashion jewellery platform for ethnic and chic pieces with a sole aim to promote local artisans. The brand strives to revive the dying arts of India and asks to be vocal for efforts of local.

Zurooh consciously invites several dealers and sellers across the globe under their marketing umbrella with an objective to promote yet sell plethora of handcrafted jewellery accessories including necklace set, bangles, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. at pocket-friendly prices.

Zurooh, spreading arms across India yet promoting the widest range of
contemporary pieces knotted with traditional excellence at one place. 

Plethora of meaningful inspirations

Zurooh has simplistic designs that are effortless to wear and adds sophistication to any outfit. Be it everyday wear, office meetings, parties or feasts, these designs might not be flashy, but will certainly make a statement.

You can find the abundant categories of fashion jewellery sets and accessories here which is impossible to get anywhere else. 

  1. Soulful Earrings: The attractive earrings at Zurooh are made to be beautiful and meaningful while still being affordable. Pick from an electrifying range of women’s earrings including gorgeous floral prints, cute stud shapes, and endearing glitter earrings for any occasion.  It’s important to us that our earrings speak to the hearts of women everywhere and inspires them to believe in their own vigor. Shine like the shining star you are!
  2. Forever Necklaces: Necklaces are considered to be one of the earliest types of adornment worn by women. Our necklaces are armed with special pearl and diamond charms that encourages women to feel empowered and independent. You can go through our wide range of pendant and necklaces that are lightweight, modern & minimalistic. All the assortments of necklaces are good to go with every occasion you step on.
  3. Simmering Bracelets: Try our vivid collection of beaded and diamond
    bracelets that carry the warmth of serenity wherever you choose to go. We want every woman to feel empowered by our diamond charms that are knotted to every bracelet. Words of love, hope, and strength are poured into the thread of every bracelet so that you can carry them into your life like the powerful woman you are!
  4. Luscious Rings: Simplicity and Elegance can do little justice describing the beautiful gold plated, silver plated, and diamond rings under one roof. Our collection of varied rings highlights the aesthetic aspects of our fine pieces. Celebrate your everlasting bond with our exquisite assorted rings that are an elegant depiction of a timeless bond.
  5. Whimsical Bangles: Channelize your inner diva with our finest collection of ethnic bangles in different sizes, plating, stone type & more. Zurooh Bangle’s designs are usually circular in shape and with simple to intricate designs. They are embellished with diamonds, beads, and other precious stones. You can simply bedazzle the crowd through our wide range of beautifully handcrafted Bengal designs that are stiff to hang around your wrist.

Radiating Beauty and Simplicity

Do you know minimalism in fashion jewellery is becoming the need of an hour? Over the years, minimalism help embrace the simplicity of a woman, and the rise of minimalist jewels has taught us the beauty of, ‘less is more’. Zurooh brings accessories that are lightweight and easy to wear on an everyday basis. Additionally, they demand less maintenance and go well with everything on every occasion. The pieces are particularly designed for women who look for practicality and fuss-free options. Imitation Jewellery has always been an epitome of desire for women. If one sees beyond the sparkling shine, each ornament has its own story to tell. From billion-year-old diamonds, gold, silver to ancient techniques, these jewels are not just adornments, but a piece of art.

We are so gratified to the women who shop with us, we are so inspired by your love and kindness for us.

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