So many countless occasions, styles, choices and just one you! Picking the ideal jewellery for a particular event can involve a lot of confusion.

Am I looking dramatic, am I looking extremely casual? Does this necklace look great? Will those studs work? Every woman, asks herself such questions when she’s preparing herself for any festival, event or an occasion.

Well, you don’t have to stress. The way, you can’t wear your office clothing to an Indian Soirees, you can’t wear your ethnic jewellery to a formal occasion. You should know the requirements before stepping into an event. We know it sounds tedious but we are here to help you choose the right jewellery for the right occasion.

How can you decide on the right kind of Jewellery?

Before we take a jump into the matter of buying perfectly appropriate Jewellery for various occasions, we need to take basic things into notice.  

  • The Crowd: Think about the type of event you are going to attend, the type of crowd you would be facing or meeting with and so on. Because, randomly going to a market to buy any jewellery can turn into a bad choice!
  • The Mood: Also, it’s time to build your fashion appeal and have your own statement. You don’t have to do anything, simply follow your fashion instincts and buy any jewellery that you find appealing and also suits with the type of your personality.
  • The Dress: Always choose a right pair of jewellery which also goes well with your attire. Your jewellery should speak of your dress. Always sort out and match together your jewellery with the color and fabric of your dress.

All this can make your life a lot easier and your jewellery decisions more precise.

Occasions and jewellery to steal the spotlight

Since ages, women have been fond of decorating themselves with a different kinds of jewellery. So, we have filtered down various occasions where you can decide and choose your favourite jewellery pieces.

  • Jewellery for Festivals

Be it an Eid, Diwali, Christmas, and any other festival. The social occasions expect you to spruce yourself up traditionally.

While thinking about sarees, suits, and lehengas for celebrations, also get your hands on the traditionally handcrafted jewellery from Zurooh. Wrap the precious gold-plated rings around your fingers, sprinkled with freshwater pearls. Also, pair them up with delicately crafted ethnic necklace and earrings.

Occasions like this are ideal for religious/ethnic jewellery as it shows your spirituality and celebrate the festival. Match the shade of the jewellery with your clothing to get a different look.

Festival Jewellery
  • Jewellery for Dates

When you’re getting ready for a date, avoid too flashy and dramatic jewellery. You don’t have to stun his eyes with heavy gold rings, rather, try wearing subtle staples. Consider ear loops, basic precious stone pendants, and minimalist bangles that coordinate with your watch.

Your jewellery ought to emphasize your elegance while complimenting it with your dress or outfit.

Your jewellery shouldn’t be too loud yet it should be bold and simple. You can wear different colours for a solid look, however ensure the design and texture of the jewellery is basic. It’s a special day after all, and your jewellery should show that you’re enjoying it wholly.

jewellery for dates
  • Jewellery for Office

Just like you have dedicated slot of formal wear, you should have a dedicated collection of office jewellery too. For office-wear, keep your jewellery basic and minimal.  

Precious studs and hoops are ideal for office-wear since they go positively with a wide range of formal attire. Gold jewellery may work, however not on all meetings and formal dresses.

For picking the designs, pick light-weight and simple jewellery pieces.

You don’t need your jewellery to be ‘eye catching’ for office. You can likewise go for some silver and platinum rings for upgrading your looks. Gold is too loud for an office day!

office jewellery
  • Jewellery for Parties

Be it any kind of soirees, western and traditional, you can always flaunt your own style.

Wear the flashiest pieces you have, from rose shaped to needle and string hoops, there are lot of alternatives available for you. The same goes for your choice of necklaces and rings. You can wear different pieces around your neck or wear various rings, just simply ensure they all match your outfit or complement one another.

party-wear jewellery
  • Jewellery for Vacations

Your vacation look should have a bling! Your jewellery choices will clearly depend upon the city you’re visiting. For a cold place, you probably won’t require a lot. For a summer or beach spot, it’d be a great idea to wear some light jewellery.

You can decide to go with beaded or gemstone jewellery to keep it light, casual and graceful.

Well, that needs little brainstorming, what type of dresses will you be wearing the most? What sort of spots will you visit? Contemporary jewellery would work with your vacation wear as well.

Jewellery for vacations

Spruce it up!

While your jewellery box might be overflowing with assortments of jewellery pieces, it’s likely that you are at sixes and sevens when deciding how to style them according to the occasion. Minimal or statement, beautiful jewellery can instantly accentuate your persona.

Whether your style is glam or chic minimalist, you should never be without a little sparkle. Flashy, mismatched, loud, dramatic, and subtle, here’s your guide to styling jewellery for every walk of life.

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