Our Story

Jewellery is not just an ornament; it’s an artists’ treasured art who are pouring their heart and love into the making. Jewellery says a lot about one’s persona, and thus enhances natural beauty. When it comes to India, jewellery represents magnificent culture, tradition, and the never- ending relationship between societies. Traditionally, jewellery is a fine symbol of power, wealth, and prestige, said and believed that different jewellery expresses different stories. If you closely look at a bridal woman, you will be able to recognize how important jewellery in her life is. It is nothing but a bestowing star flickering a woman’s timeless emotions. Lately, Contemporary jewellery is preferred with traditional patterns and designs for plentiful functions or festivals and Zurooh is one great window that can effortlessly provide you traditional jewellery pieces at affordable prices.

Helping local artisans and giving them a platform

Zurooh is a promising digital platform that promotes the valuable efforts of local artisans from all over India to join this venture, wherein the beautifully crafted treasures are exhibited. You will be amazed to see the beauty and elegance of Indian heritage that every treasure holds in its designs and patterns. The values, emotions, and the hard work of local artisans are being ignored by most of the people. But we believe in respecting the values, emotions, and the efforts of those local artisans who spend their time, sweat, and almost everything in the process of manufacturing these jewellery pieces. Zurooh provides local artisans an opportunity to raise their voice and showcase their hidden skills and talent. The brand connects local artisans directly to the potential customers and shoppers without including the retailer’s bridge.

Vision & Mission

Through his technical vision, Hritik is tying contemporary craftsmanship with traditional excellence to add grace to exquisitely curated fashion treasures and to develop a distinct voice through the abstract designs and storytelling. His unique eye for local artisans has developed through his knowledge encompassing innovates inspirations. With a desire to celebrate the visibility and prominence of local artisans, Hritik is endlessly striving to push the brims of contemporary fashion world. ​Reimagining and reshaping the ideas with technical precision, Hritik entitles Zurooh as a one stop solution for the all fashion requirements from whimsical forehead tika to quirky anklets and everything in between. The great mysteries of society channelled Hritik’s love towards fashion and honed his technical skills to carve out his signature look.

How Zurooh is helping local artisans and in the promotion of local art and jewel designs

Since the Covid-19 has drastically changed the economic dimensions, the operational activities are getting severely affected by its spread. And when it comes to local artisans, the situation is even worse. Unemployment, a failing economy, less spending, and lockdown have severely affected these local artisans' lives. Such hardship has also caused the cut down in daily expenses that are meant to satisfy the basic necessities of their life. There is an alarming need for visibility and appreciation of the local art to preserve the rich heritage and culture of our Indian jewel. The covid-19 lockdown has created a huge pile of unsold inventory of these local artisans. Most of the people are unaware about their work and efforts; they randomly go and visit a nearby brand store. Where is the appreciation for local artisans? Specifically, nowhere! But here is the best effort done by the Zurooh that has decided to come up with an online platform to raise the unheard voices and efforts of these local artisans. It is a vocal platform for all the local and small jewellery manufacturers units that haven’t gotten any appreciation yet.

Development of local artisans

Local Indian jewellery is famous worldwide for its elegance and traditional designs. Earlier, local artisans used to sell handcrafted jewellery via retailers. By this triangle communication, the identity of these local artisans remains hidden. The rapid digitalization has helped the local artisans receive appreciation and appraisal for their hard work. Zurooh is one such platform that allows local Indian artisans to directly communicate with target customers for selling their handcrafted pieces that are made with labour love. This, in turn, helps them grow and develop communication and marketing skills to sell a product. The brand helps local artisans acquire great leadership skills to influence potential customers to make an instant purchase of their manufactured product.

Visibility and employment to the small and local artisans

Apart from accentuating fame and visibility of local artisans, Zurooh comes as a saviour who is also trying to improve the rate of employment. Due to this pandemic lockdown, most of the local artisans and fashion jewellery manufacturers have stopped their production, which, in turn, caused an extreme cut down in their daily expenses. In such a situation, Zurooh has provided them an excellent medium through which they can directly connect with their potential customers. The direct contact helps them get appreciation and feedback at a quick pace. The sole objective of the Zurooh is to maintain the rich and local art of India and boost the confidence of our local artisans and manufacturers. It promotes easy to wear, lightweight, and convenient jewellery options for an easy to go look.  You can try different local artisan fashion jewellery designs by simply clicking the “try on” option that can help you see what all ornaments are going well with your face structure or outfit. Thus, Zurooh offers you the finest pieces of treasures exclusively designed by the Indian local artisans. The traditional designs of those jewellery pieces depict the rich Indian culture, love, and efforts of those local artisans.