Zurooh – A perfect blend of traditional grandeur and contemporary geometries

Fashion cufflinks play a crucial role in a man’s life and thus makes a man feel proud, strong, and confident. Zurooh exclusively offers you a perfect blend of traditional grandeur and contemporary geometries by introducing exquisite imitation jewellery online.

Most men love Zurooh’s Cufflinks and cuff buttons because they can be worn anytime, anywhere for any occasion or an event. Be it primitive designed Mughal, round silver sterling cufflinks, floral cuff buttons, stone studded cufflinks, and star gold plated cufflinks – there is always a reason to wear them.

Buy cufflinks for men online

When it comes to fashion cufflinks, Zurooh is the one-stop destination offering distinctive fine creations curated with timeless efforts, love, and hard work of those local artisans. Zurooh has simplistic cufflink designs that are effortless to wear and adds sophistication to any outfit. Be it everyday wear, office meetings, or parties, these designs might not be flashy, but will certainly make a statement. Most of the men ask a common question: where can these types of cufflinks be worn? The answer is anytime and anywhere!

Types of fashion cufflinks and cuff buttons

Zurooh offers the best imitation jewellery for men also that not only entices innumerable appraisals but also creates a remarkable mark across the globe.

There are plentiful types of imitation cufflinks and cuff buttons for men that you will fall in love with!

Wedding cufflinks and cuff buttons 

We have a wide variety of imitation cufflinks for men that will help you steal the spotlight at your wedding. We recommend you purchase a Round Floral Green & Maroon Sherwani Buttan, and a Round Mughal Black & Maroon cufflinks.

Office wear cufflinks 

We have amazing ear cuffs and studs that can match your office look.  We recommend you purchase Round Self Textured Purple Cufflinks and Floral Blue & Blue Topaz Cufflinks for a minimalistic office look.

Daily wear cufflinks

For the daily, easy to go look, we offer you the versatile yet stylish cufflinks and cuff buttons that can match any of your attire or costume.

We recommend you purchase modern Round Flower Green & White Cuf Button and Round Star Transparent Pink Cufflinks.

Traditional cufflinks

We have plentiful traditional cufflinks that are curated by local artisans with a token of love, care, and timeless efforts. They are versatile and can be worn at any festival. We recommend you purchase Round Mughal Turquoise Cufflink and Irregular Gold Plated Cufflinks.

Where to buy 

Zurooh proffers cufflinks latest designs that you will truly recommend or gift to your beloved ones. Be it timeless Square Mughal Black CufflinksRound Peacock CufflinksChile Flag CufflinksFlower Black & White Cufflinks– gift them to show how much you care for your loved ones.

It is the most trusted platform, offers you the best fine treasures curated by local artisans with a token of love, care, and timeless efforts.

Most popular cufflinks for men 

The main feature of Zurooh’s cufflinks or cuff buttons is that they are versatile and can be worn on any occasion, be it wedding cufflinks, party wear cufflinks, simple cuff buttons, or minimalistic yet chunky cufflinks- they all have something to offer for everyone!

The most famous imitation cufflinks for men are-

Round H Initial Green & Black Cufflinks

Round Self Textured Pink Cufflinks

Cusion Mughal Blue Cufflinks

Floral Pink Cufflinks

Oval Self Textured Off White & Blue Cufflinks

Round Mughal Black & Maroon cufflinks

Most commonly asked questions by men across the globe 

Most of the men ask frequent questions on plentiful platform regarding fashion cufflinks and cuff buttons. We have created a list of some of the most popularly asked questions that you must know!

Why choose Zurooh’s cufflinks and cuff buttons? 

Most men love zurooh as it is a one-stop destination for almost every type of cufflinks. You must choose our fashion cufflinks and cuff buttons as they are versatile, light-weight, and can be worn on any occasion or an event.

How cufflinks are worn?

All you need to do is insert the cufflink through holes in the shirt’s cuff and on the backside, flip the bar to hold the cufflink in stable place.

what cufflinks to wear?

Most men are confused about their entire look with cufflinks or cuff buttons. Let us tell you the fact that you must always wear contrasting Cufflinks With Solid Colored Shirts.

If you have a solid white colour shirt, then you must choose a contrasting yet stylish cufflink that easily blends in. Gold cufflinks would look amazing with a solid white colour shirt.

When is the most appropriate occasion to wear fashionable cufflinks and cuff buttons

Cufflinks and cuff buttons are something that defines the confidence and overall personality of a man. It can be worn on plentiful occasions such as festivals, weddings, birthdays, or other events. We have a wide range of imitation jewellery and men’s fashion cufflinks and cuff buttons that you can get at affordable prices. All you need to do is scroll down our page, and select the best cufflink of your choice!