Indian weddings are a sterling potpourri of new beginnings, promises, blessings, love, and elegance. It is the most special day for both the bride and groom where families come together to create a new bond, love and timeless memories. 


Jewellery plays a crucial role in a woman’s life, especially when she is going to be a bride! Right from the teenage, Indian women have a plethora of dreams about their wedding look and for that special bridal look, there are plentiful factors that you must keep in your mind. Here we have some essential parts of jewellery that every Indian bride must have in her bucket list to steal the spotlight in her wedding. 

Eye-catching earrings 

Earrings represent the fearless, radiant, and evergreen personality of a woman, and when it comes to the whole wedding look, earrings hold a core place in the bride’s heart. 

Selecting elegant yet trendsetting fashion jewellery earrings for your own wedding is a difficult deed as you have to go through various tests such as costume colour match, type of outfit, and also your face structure or cutting. Earrings must match all these factors to justify your wedding look.

Thus, you can select heavy yet evergreen jhumkas, contemporary danglers, or royal yet unique studs to complete your entire glittering yet sophisticated wedding look. 

Timeless necklaces 

A wedding look is incomplete without a chic piece of a fashion jewellery necklace. Wedding day is the most significant day of all women out there, and if you don’t flaunt it with a heavy yet sparkling necklace, your wedding attire would look dull. 

For this big day, you can choose sterling silver, oxidized, or antique gold plated fashion jewellery necklaces that look trendy and timeless and add elegance to your whole personality.

Trendsetting rings 

A bulky yet trendsetting fashion jewllery ring that blends Indian tradition with beauty to perfection is a must to flaunt your beautiful fingers. Matching a ring with your bridal outfit is not an easy task; you have to match it with the costume’s type, design, and colour. 

Prismatic bangles 

Bangles play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of the woman’s hand. It is worn to depict the elegance of hands that are used to shape the future of this world.  

Bangles are something that you can not exclude from your bridal look. It adds an edge to your whole look by making it look complete. All you need to do is match your bangles with the type, design, and color of your bridal attire. 

Pretty armlets 

When it comes to wedding fashion jewellery, everything is important, even those pretty armlets defining the beauty of a woman’s arm. You must choose an armlet matching your lehenga colour, design, and other patterned accessories for a timeless yet bold wedding look.

We know that it is difficult to put all things right in place defining a complete wedding look. You cannot achieve a dream wedding look overnight, buying fashionable jewellery matching your lehenga takes some time. Discover more to get the right accessories for your special day and you can also check out our website for more exciting wedding accessories.

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