With the trend “ Less is more,” people are getting obsessed over dainty, pretty Jewellery pieces that look subtle yet glamorous. With the rapid adaptation of minimalism, women love to shop minimal yet chic fine pieces defining their beautiful soul in a very supple way. If you are one of those women who have fallen in love with fine yet delicate Jewellery pieces, then you are at the right place! 

We have got some easy styling tips and tricks that can help you steal the spotlight by styling the right dainty pieces according to the events, festivals, or moods. 

Single Chain Necklace For Persian-Inspired-Look 

Derive inspiration from Persian-style and add some delicate, single-chain necklaces to your basic wardrobe. You can pair a classic chain pendant with a plain-looking t-shirt for a classy outlook. 

When you have a very long-chained necklace, double it to get the perfectly sized necklace complementing normal attire. Also, you can style this supple attire with a half-updo hairstyle defining the acute simplicity. 

Single Chain necklace
single chain necklace

Derive Hipster Look with Stacked Rings 

Stacked rings look trendy, classy, and not over-the-top or tacky. You can pair them endlessly with any of your attire, be it a tunic, jeans, Kurta, or even pants and shirt- Get your hands on midi, normal or skinny rings, adding a hint of effortless class and glam.   

As an additional benefit, stacking up different things help you create a timeless statement. You can also hit and try to curate your remarkable statement and a look like none other. 

Dainty rings
dainty rings

Try Layering Different Jewellery 

When in doubt, try layering different chain necklaces and rings, curating a trending, remarkable yet fashionable outlook. This, in turn, helps you, endowing a unique dimension and visual interest to your tedious-looking attire.

You can also layer two different-sized Jewellery pieces like chain necklaces, tiny rings, or even chain bracelets for a smitten yet subtle look. 

Layered Necklace
Layered necklace

Accessorize It With Dainty Chokers 

Elegant and precision go hand-in-hand! Derive both by accessorizing dainty chokers and long-chained pendants, defining the beauty of your neckline. Chokers look elegant, trendy, and classy when paired with V-neck tops. 

Be it a party, family gathering, or an office meeting- All you need to do is get your hands on the right dainty chokers complementing your shining persona. 


Glean The Vogue Look With Crazy Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings look most voguish and modern when styled with professional, casual, or party wear dresses. They come in different shapes and sizes- Be it circular, triangular, hexagonal, or even oval-shaped hoops- Style them according to your face shape and attire. 

Go playful with hoop earrings to spruce every attire innumerable times in unique ways. 

Hoop earrings
Hoop Earrings

Minimalist Jewellery doesn’t mean delicate, but the simplest designs and patterns that could make you the most stylish person without being tacky. Be it minimal bracelets, hoop earrings, chain necklaces, dainty rings, etc. – They look versatile, classy, trendy, and almost go with every kind of outfit.

Keep the above-mentioned points in your mind to add a bit of sass to your Diva Look! 

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