Zurooh – A perfect blend of traditional grandeur and contemporary geometries.

Fashion necklace plays a crucial role in a woman’s life and thus touches you in a special way. It makes a woman feel proud, strong, and confident. Zurooh exclusively offers you a perfect blend of traditional grandeur and contemporary geometries by introducing exquisite imitation jewellery online.

Most women love zurooh’s necklaces and necklace sets because they can be worn anytime, anywhere for any occasion or an event. Be it an artificial diamond necklace, oxidized silver necklace, minimalistic pendants, stylish choker, and heavy necklace sets – there is always a reason to wear them.  

Buy fashion necklaces for women online

When it comes to fashion necklaces and sets, Zurooh is the one-stop destination offering distinctive fine creations curated with timeless efforts, love, and hard work of those local artisans. Zurooh has simplistic yet elegant necklace designs that are effortless to wear and adds sophistication to any outfit. Be it everyday wear, office meetings, or parties, these designs might not be flashy, but will certainly make a statement. Most of the women ask a common question: where can these types of necklaces be worn? The answer is anytime and anywhere! 

Types of fashion necklaces and necklace sets 

Zurooh offers the best imitation jewellery for women that not only entices innumerable appraisals but also creates a remarkable mark across the globe. 

There are plentiful types of imitation necklaces for girls that you will fall in love with! 

Necklace for wedding

We have a wide variety of imitation necklaces for girls that will help you steal the spotlight at your wedding. We recommend you purchase a floral American diamond-studded necklace set and a designer American diamond-studded necklace set

Office wear pendant and choker necklaces 

We have amazing minimalistic chokers and pendants that can match your office look.  We recommend you purchase a blue topaz drop pendant and circle of life pendant set or a minimalistic office look. 

Daily wear pendants 

For the daily, easy to go look, we offer you the versatile yet stylish single pendants that can match any of your attire or costume.

We recommend you purchase a modern chakra of life pendant and floret silver pendant

Traditional necklace sets 

We have plentiful traditional yet contemporary necklace sets that are curated by local artisans with a token of love, care, and timeless efforts. They are versatile and can be worn at any festival. We recommend you purchase a golden plated green drops necklace set and a blood-red color stone gold tone necklace with earrings

Where to buy 

Zurooh proffers necklace latest designs that you will truly recommend or gift to your beloved ones. Be it a timeless oxidized silver-plated choker, contemporary stone beads necklace, designer navratan mala set, and blue sapphire cross pendant – gift them to show how much you care for your loved ones. 

It is the most trusted platform, offers you the best fine treasures curated by local artisans with a token of love, care, and timeless efforts.  

Most popular fashion necklace and necklace sets 

The main feature of Zurooh’s necklaces is that they are versatile and can be worn on any occasion, be it wedding necklaces, party wear necklace sets, simple pendants, or minimalistic choker necklace- they all have something to offer for everyone! 

The most famous imitation necklace for girls are-

Two-tone filigree pendant 

The flower of the Eden 

Floral silver pendant 

Girl boss studded silver pendant set 

Oxidized tribal neck set 

Chain love necklace 

Green Meena paan gold plated beads choker with earrings 

Most commonly asked questions by women across the globe 

Most of the women ask frequent questions on plentiful platform regarding fashion necklaces and sets. We have created a list of some of the most popularly asked questions that you must know about pendants and necklaces. 

Why choose Zurooh’s fashion necklace and necklace set? 

Most women love Zurooh as it is a one-stop destination for almost every type of fashion necklaces. You must choose our fashion necklace sets as they are versatile, light-weight, and can be worn on any occasion or an event. 

What necklace to wear with what neckline? 

We recommend you wearing a necklace or any set according to your neckline. 

  • V neck- wear a necklace similar triangular V-shape but it must end just above your neckline. 
  • Halter neck- you must wear a triangular choker or neckpiece with a sharp edge or end. 
  • Turtle neck- You must wear a long chain neckpiece
  • Square-neck-  You must wear a short choker or pendant for a minimalistic and stylish look. 
  • Round neck- if you have a round neckline then you must wear a long necklace; the higher the neckline, the longer the necklace or vice versa.  

How necklace length is measured? 

Necklace length is measured with a simple technique, all you need to do is place your chain straight on the table and extend the measuring tape to exact the size of the chain. In such a way you will be able to decide whether you should pair up with your next dress. 

When is the most appropriate occasion to wear fashionable necklaces? 

A necklace is something that defines the beauty, confidence, and overall personality of a woman. It can be worn on plentiful occasions such as festivals, weddings, birthdays, or other events. We have a wide range of imitation jewellery and fashion necklaces that you can get at affordable prices. All you need to do is scroll down our page, and select the best set of your choice!