Earring reflects extreme exotism and can bring any look to life with great vibrancy. It is an unavoidable desideratum of every woman. Every woman must have distinctively shaped earrings, complementing different attire in a specific way. 

Earrings can transform your plain-looking attire into a stunning one in just a single sweep of an eye. They can enhance your face features by delineating lively colours and personality to the whole outfit. But it sometimes becomes a blunder when your earring doesn’t match your face shape. Thus, it is significant to choose earrings that can complement your face shape. 

All you need to do is determine your face’s natural shape by pulling back your hair and tracing your face’s outlines using lipstick or soap. Here we have an earring shopping guide for all the beautiful faces that can help you get the right-shaped earrings.

Oval Face 

Features of an oval-shaped face include a forehead that is not too wide and the line from your forehead blends with your high cheekbones. Women with oval face shapes have plenty of options to wear and play with. They are the luckiest ones, as they can wear all styles of earrings so efficiently without making any effort.

Such types of women have extremely versatile faces that can blend almost with any type of earrings; Be it Hoop earrings, danglers, or even heavy Jhumka earrings. So have fun experimenting! 

Round Face

As the name suggests, round faces are narrow at the jawline and the forehead and wider at cheekbones. Such faces are found in circular form. Women with round faces should opt for a teardrop or dangling earrings, proffering an elongated look on the face.

Long and sleek made earrings are best suited for such types of-faced women. 

Square Face

Square-shaped faces do not narrow much from the cheekbone to the jawline or to the forehead. Such types of women have their forehead, cheekbone, jawline aligned in the same line. 

Round-shaped earrings will be best suited for the square-shaped face. Be it Oversize round hoops or earrings having a round shape- These earrings will definitely compliment and soften your face’s natural features. 

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped face features include a far wider forehead than the cheekbone and then a cheekbone following a narrow line down to the jawline.

Women with heart-shaped faces must-have earrings that are wider at the bottom and narrow at the top, balancing out the face features. Your wardrobe must have Teardrop-shaped danglers with elongated curves complementing the overall facial structure. 

Diamond Face

Women having diamond faces are extremely lucky to have excellent cheekbones. The chin and forehead of such faces are narrower than their cheekbones. Wearing wide earrings would help you balance out your natural features.

Earrings with delicate drop and sleek lines look flattering on such types of faces. You can play with such a style of earrings that looks fabulous and elegant at the same time. 

Every earring has its own specification and appearance, Be it an elongated Dangler, Round hoop, or sleek chain earring- Before heading out to shop one, just know your face shape wisely to avoid beauty blunders. Once you get to know your face shape, it is easy to complement your wardrobe with right-shaped earrings. Follow the above-mentioned tips to choose the best earrings for your beautiful face. 

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